Life At Camp


What's it like at Camp Saulaine?

'Saulaine' in Latvian means "Sunshine Place" which is why we like to say 'It's always a sunny day at Saulaine'.

Camp Saulaine’s mission is to provide each camper with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the Latvian culture within a Christian atmosphere. The program aims to enrich each camper’s relationship with nature and encourage their physical and spiritual growth.

what we offer


Parents and tots under 6 yrs of age!  Come and join our Putnu Sala (Junior campers) for a week or two of fun in the sun. With a focus on nature and science we’ll explore the great outdoors together.


We offer a variety of hands-on, skill-building, fun activities that help youth learn about the natural world, other people, and themselves. Every day is a new adventure as we explore Saulaine’s surroundings together.


Every great summer camp program needs helpers and Saulaine has some of the best. Our CIT’s specialize in responsibility, adaptability, and always having a helping hand for a camper in need.

Day Camp

Little one not ready to sleep away? That's ok! We offer a day program at the Putnu Sala for young ones to join us for the day and get picked up before dinner. This program is offered to kids ages 5-7. Campers 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult/parent.

Schedule in the Fun!

Our camp schedule changes every day though the routines remain the same. That way kids get the predictability and structure that they need to confidently  learn new skills and try new activities.

Camp Saulaine follows a similar structure everyday. Kids will wake up with a bit of music and camp announcements and begin their day. After getting themselves ready for the day they either begin morning exercises or join the Putnu Sala for flag-raising and morning announcements. Here they will find out what the program is for the day.  After flag-raising the kids join together for breakfast at the Main House. Kids are expected to select their own food, and take care of cleaning up after themselves and the Vaditajs are responsible for monitoring this. Following breakfast (brokastis) the Putnu Sala  begins their program for the rest of the day while the rest of camp divides into two groups. These two groups take turns with activities for the remainder of the day i.e.: group one might have ceramics in the morning while group two might do tie-dying. After these activities, the groups would switch after lunch so that all campers get a chance to do everything.

In the afternoons after lunch (pusdienas) we have a short rest time where the kids can read, write or do a quiet activity in their rooms. If weather is good they generally go to the river in the afternoon. Swimming is always supervised by the Vaditaj (counsellors) and CIT's as well as a trained lifeguard. Some older kids might go tubing while supervised in smaller groups. Campers love going to visit the 'Saulaine beach'. It's a great place to cool off on a hot summers day and it gives them a chance to connect with other campers that are not in their dorm room. After walking back from the river they quickly shower to get ready for one more short activity before dinner. This could be singing or preparing a skit for an after dinner Ukunskurs (campfire). Dinner (vakariņas) is like our other meals, well-balanced with lots of healthy choices for campers. After dinner the camp lowers the flag (karogs) and they announce the evening program. This could be anything from yoga, an early evening run or one of our more special nights like sauna night, movie night or dance party night.

Bedtimes are easy and comfortable with the Vaditaj's helping the younger kids settle into their bunks after they get themselves ready for bed. The CIT's and Vaditaj's are very hands-on, often reading to kids and singing Latvian lullabies until they fall asleep. Our camp staff treat every camper at Saulaine as a member of their own family. Ar labu nakti! (good night).