Camp Programs (Nometne)

Camp Saulaine follows a similar structure everyday. Kids will wake up with a bit of music and begin their day with morning stretches followed by flag-raising (karogs), morning announcements and breakfast at the Main House. Campers are expected to select their own food and take care of cleaning up after themselves (the Vaditajs encourage a variety of food choices and help their campers with cleanup). Following breakfast (brokastis) the Putnu Sala begins their program for the rest of the day while the rest of camp divides into several groups. The groups rotate between activities for the morning that focus on physical exercise (sports), creative expression (arts/writing) and cultural and thinking activities (Latvian cultural workshops and science workshops). After these activities, campers have some free time before lunch (pusdienas).

In the afternoons after lunch, we have a short rest time (pusdienas miers) where the kids can read, write or do a quiet activity in their rooms. In the afternoons, we have a camp-wide activity such as a skerslugajiens ("Amazing Race"), survival games, singing, water games followed by some free time by river (upe) to build in the sand, splash in the water or go tubing down the river. Swimming is always supervised by a minimum of two trained lifeguards/bronze cross certified Vaditajs (counsellors). Tubing is allowed in small groups with a trained lifeguard/bronze cross certified vaditaj. The river is a great place to cool off on a hot day. 

After walking back from the river, campers take a shower to get ready for one more short quiet activity before dinner. This could be singing, simple hand crafts or preparing a skit for the Saturday night ugunskurs (campfire). Dinner (vakariņas) is like our other meals, well-balanced with lots of healthy choices for campers. After dinner and flag-lowering (karogs) ceremonies, we gather for fun, friendly games or one of our special nights like sauna night, movie night or dance party night.

Bedtimes are easy and comfortable with the Vaditaj's helping the younger kids settle into their bunks after they get themselves ready for bed. The CIT's and Vaditaj's are very hands-on, often brushing girls hair, reading to kids and singing songs to help the campers settle down for the night. Our camp staff treat every camper at Saulaine like a member of their own family, ar labu nakti (good night)!

Nometne (Camp)


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Camp begins Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. Campers will not be accepted before this date and time.

Please note that all campers must have a head lice check completed prior to moving in.

Camp ends Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 2 p.m.

Please ensure that you arrive in the morning to pick up your child on the last day.


Saulaine accepts children ages 7 – 14 (born in the years 2004 through 2011) as residential campers. Children 6 and under (born 2012 and later) are able to participate with parental supervision as day campers (from 8am to 6pm). A CIT program is also offered for those born in 2003 (limited spaces available). Campers are divided into bunkhouses and rooms by age.

  • Putnu Sala:  5 – 6 years old (>2012)
  • Mazie (primary):  7 – 9 years old (2011 to 2009)
  • Videjie (junior): 10 – 12 years old (2008 to 2006)
  • Lielie (senior): 13 – 14 years old (2005 to 2004)

***Registration and Participation Fees***

The discounted rate of $475 per child per week is available before the Early Registration deadline of June 1, 2019. The full camp fee is $500 per child per week, if received after the Early Registration deadline. A one-time sibling discount of $25 is offered for two or more children from the same family attending camp the same week (i.e., second and third children each receive the sibling discount).

Medical Form

The Medical Form needs to be completed in full and either mailed with Registration Forms or brought to the registration desk upon arrival. Health Card numbers (and a photocopy/picture of the health card) must be included on the Medical Form; if not, children will not be permitted to stay at the camp. Please ensure your child is in good health and does not have any communicable diseases, prior to coming to camp.

Head Check Form

The Head Check Form shall be completed onsite at Saulaine before moving into your room. A professional lice consultant will be available in the morning on opening day, if you miss the onsite consultant it is the parents’ responsibility to set an appointment with the Lice Squad (or another professional lice company). Lice treatment is the responsibility of the parents. 


All donations (money, labour, materials, expertise) to help with rebuilding / renovating our facilities and to help improve our programs are gratefully accepted. Thank You! Let’s build a beautiful space for our children!


Perhaps you have a special skill you would like to share? Past guests have included dance instructors, sports coaches, astronomers, bakers, Latvian language first aid responders, photographers, travels, etc. Please contact Lilita Tannis:, if you would like to come for a half day to enrich the camp program!