Camp Activities

Catch of the day!

Ever been fishing before? Kids will learn on rustic rods made at this very camp! They will learn to dig for worms, bait the hook, cast it out and reel it in- and release!

Katniss and Legolas trained here...

No, really. Our campers have the opportunity to learn how to properly shoot a bow and arrow from a trained teacher Kids learn how to string a bow and aim for a target. Bulls-eye!

Campfires, sing-alongs, performances- oh my!

Do you know what an Ugunskurs is? Neither did I when I first joined the Team Saulaine. An Ugunskurs is a Latvian term for a campfire with benefits. What do I mean by benefits? The kids get to perform skits they have worked on, songs they've made up and jokes they've been telling each other all week. Sounds fun? Make sure you find the date of our next Ugunskurs and join us afterwards for treats (courtesy of Kristine Stivrins) in the Pine Room.

Ceramics, screen-printing, stamp-making, tie-dying...

There are always many art projects going on in Saulaine. From traditional Latvian Handicrafts like spinning, weaving and braiding to new skills like candle-dipping, pencil-making and line-drawing. All this is shown in our closing Art Show every year. Parents, make sure you find out the date for this and find out how talented your kids are!

Teaching our kids to be present with nature and present with each other.

Camp Saulaine’s mission is to provide each camper with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the Latvian culture within a Christian atmosphere. The program aims to enrich each camper’s relationship with nature and encourage their physical and spiritual growth. Our candle-light services are held every Wednesday evening outdoors (weather-permitting). It is a chance to encourage spiritual growth and compassion for nature and for each other.

Ever race a boat that you made?

Every year the kids at Saulaine do just that. They are given requirements- height and length for example, restrictions- using only string and beeswax for assembly. Oh, and every part of the boat has to be found in nature. The kids are divided up into teams of mixed ages and genders and they work together to build a boat for the great race. The winner gets bragging rights and a chocolate bar. Yum!

Imagine the forest as a gallery.

That's what we do. We create, build and show in our forest. Our campers love making installation art amongst the trees. You never have to worry about line-ups, or admission to this gallery. The only critics are the critters that dwell there. Don't miss this important part of our closing Art Show.

Saulaine's Got Talent show.

Each year these kids get more an more talented. They sing, they dance, they tell jokes, they Harlem Shake. They outperform themselves every year and gain confidence by trying something in front of their camp friends they might not have the courage to do with their school friends. The talent competition is judged by our costumed gang of Vad's (counsellors).

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Once, each week at Saulaine the kids get up and dance. This is the highlight for many of them to shake off the week together. The Vad's (counsellors) play dj and everybody dresses up for fun. This is their chance to crank up the music and raise the barn roof!

We walk together, we talk together.

We are so luck to have all this beautiful land to walk along that we try to gather together at least once a day for a hike. Through the forest, up to the look-out point or even beyond the woods to the provincial park. It's a nice chance for the kids to stop look and listen to nature and for the kids to reconnect with themselves and each other.