Why do you check for lice?


Summer camps are a high-risk place for head lice infestations. Being around each other 24/7 gives lice plenty of opportunities to spread. If an outbreak does occur, getting it under control can be nearly impossible. That’s why we require parents to get their children checked for head lice, by a qualified individual, prior to the start of camp.

Saulaine hires a qualified lice consultant from the Lice Squad to perform a head check on all staff and campers prior to moving their belongings into their rooms on opening day. The lice consultant is at Saulaine for a 2-hour window.

If the camper misses the onsite head check by our professional lice consultant, it is the parents' responsibility to set an appointment with the Lice Squad (or another professional lice comany) for a head check.

Lice treatment is the responsibility of the parents.

We hope our children come home from Saulaine with good memories and not lice.