Camp Saulaine 2020 is hiring!

Every great summer camp program needs helpers and Saulaine has some of the best. Our Vads (counsellors) and CITs (counsellor-in-training) specialize in responsibility, adaptability, and always having a helping hand for a camper in need. If you are looking to spend some time at a great summer camp, while helping younger campers feel safe, then join Team Saulaine today.

*Please note that you must be a Canadian citizen or have a valid Canadian work permit to apply for a job at Camp Saulaine.


Camp Saulaine is seeking new staff for 2020:

We still have some camp counsellor and CIT positions available

Life guards needed
VAD (counsellor)
CIT (counsellor in training)

We also need:

Kitchen Staff
Kitchen helper

Positions are filling fast. Contact:


Interested? See below for brief job descriptions.

Camp Counsellors/Vads

  • 16 years+ old and have completed training as a CIT or have equivalent experience from working with children in other camps
  • Supervise and care for a group of children (from ages 8 to 15), being responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of each camper in your group, from 7:30 am until their bedtime, making sure that they feel safe and secure in their environment
  • Participate fully in all planned activities and take initiative to create fun and meaningful experiences for the campers
  • Follow all instructions and directions of the lead counsellors and camp supervisor, in accordance with the values of Camp Saulaine

Head Counsellors/Head Vads

  • Have at least 4 or more years of being a counsellor at Saulaine or another Latvian camp with excellent leadership skills
  • Assist with the camp program planning and scheduling
  • Directly supervise the counsellors and counsellors-in-training, offering assistance, guidance and mentoring as needed, and effectively delegating appropriate tasks and responsibilities (example: delegate a female and male counsellor to work together to plan and lead a fun cooperative game for the evening activity, giving them sufficient time and support ahead of time)
  • Solve problems and inform the supervisor/committee members of serious matters concerning safety of all campers and staff
  • Model excellent leadership and communication skills, and, take initiative to create meaningful, fun activities with the counsellors before and during the summer camp session

Camp Director/Supervisor

  • Have some experience leading a team of counsellors at Saulaine or other Latvian Summer camps and have ability for effective problem solving skills in this type of environment
  • Assist in the creation of the camp activity schedule during the camp planning stage, 6 months before camp starts, attending regular meetings (this can be done through online conferencing and telephone communication when meetings are not attended)
  • Supervise counsellors and lead daily/nightly meetings to debrief outcomes of and discuss daily routines and events during camp
  • *Preferably someone who is a parent or experienced member of the camp community (27 years+)

 Staff Floater

  • Responsible to be a “supply” staff for various areas of camp
  • Provide for a variety of areas to prepare and ensure they are ready, tidy and safe
  • A willingness to work in a team environment as well as be flexible and able to work independently
  • Good time management is also a characteristic that will be expected.
  • Be aware of and adhere to all camp regulations and policies.
  • Ability to accept guidance, direction and supervision.
  • Ability to understand and implement safety regulations and procedures
  • Directly responsible to Assistant Property Manager

Kitchen helper

  • Participate in all the daily functions of the kitchen service
  • Maintain and keep the kitchen clean
  • Keeping the floor clean by mopping periodically, sanitize all areas of the kitchen after cleaning, wash dishes, and help in food preparation
  • Prepare basic beverages and foods, including snacks and vegetables
  • Help Transfer and serve meals
  • Prepare simple foods when the chef requires
  • Willing to learn kitchen and cooking skills
  • Follow personal and kitchen hygiene
  • Having basic cooking and knife skills an asset
  • Basic food handling and cleaning skills
  • Have the stamina and interest in working hard