Senior Camp (Lielā Nometne)

Camp Saulaine's mission is to enrich each camper's relationship with nature and encourage physical and spiritual growth wihile broadening their understanding of their Latvian culture within a Christian atmosphere. We aim to provide positive encouragement while campers learn new skills and build on their independence.

Camping, fishing, archery, hiking, swimming, yoga, tubing, sports and games! Singing, dancing, ceramics, drawing, drama and traditional Latvian handicrafts. Our renknowned art program is inspiring and new each year. You might learn how to create your own silk-screening design for a t-shirt, draw clouds with pastel, make a pin-hole camera, carve wood blocks for prints or learn to weave with a loom.

We offer a variety of hands-on, skill-building, fun activities that help campers learn about the natural world, other people and themselves. Every day is a new adventure as we explore Saulaine's surroundings together!

Want to get back to nature, learn new skills and make great friends? Come to Saulaine!


Making Pīrāgi