Julija, Parent of camper

"My daughters and I had a wonderful and unforgettable week at Saulaine last summer. We loved the family-friendly vibe and how easy it was to meet new people. The program for the little ones at Putnu Sala was a perfect blend of fun, creativity and learning. The nature walks, art projects, singing, and games we're all lead with enthusiasm and joy. The counsellors were so caring and energetic."

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Du, Parent of camper

"We have sent our now six year old to Saulaine for the past two summers and can't say enough about what a great experience it has been. For kids living in the city to be able to experience nature walks, enjoy physical play in fresh air for much of the day, get dirty in a "non-toxic" way and in general play in a way that is not possible in an urban environment, it is an real gift. For young children there is an emphasis on crafts, and the relatively small group size fosters cooperation and friendly play. The camp is very accommodating for children who are not comfortable overnighting, allowing young kids to have a "big kids" experience without missing their parents. A great experience."

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Jenny, Parent of camper

"I attended Camp Saulaine for many years growing up and loved every summer there. I learned so much and formed so many friendships - many of those that I maintain today.

Now, both of my girls have been attending for the past six summers and the countdown starts for the next year the day after they arrive home. They sing all the Latvian songs they learned, show me how to make the arts and crafts they made, and now they teach me how to make Pirags!

All this along with the friendships they form every summer are what makes them who they are today."

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Annika, Camper

"Saulaine feeds my soul. I have been going to Camp Saulaine since I was a baby. It's changed over the years, and keeps getting better but the same spirit goes on."

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Angie, Parent of camper

"My girls enjoyed their camp experience so much, the only call I got home was to ask if they could stay for two weeks next summer! They loved all the activities and crafts and were able to learn new skills and develop a stronger sense of independence and confidence from their amazing experience! The camp directors and cousellors were amazing and the girls still speak of their wonderful experiences today! They can't wait to go back this year!"

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Anne, Parent of camper

"Saulaine is a deeply enriching experience both my kids look forward to every year. From canoeing to fishing (with rods they make themselves!), stargazing (with a real astronomer!), to arts, crafts, sports, yoga and a unique blend of educational workshops, Camp Saulaine has created memories - and helped develop valuable skills - my children will treasure for the rest of thier lives."

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Natasha, Parent of camper

"My kids love their time at Saulaine! Sunshine, fresh air and summer fun!"

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Wendy, Parent of camper

"Camp Saulaine was a great place for my son to unplug and spend time outdoors. He loved spending time with old friends and making new friends, doing crafts, cooking and leaning new things. He was so energized about camp and he is so excited to go again this summer!"

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