Events at Saulaine

Saulaine is a place for our community to come together.

Upcoming Event: Fall Fest / Rudens Svētki
 Fri Sept 23 - Sun Sept 25 

Latvian Song and Dance Promo!!

During Saulaine’s Fall Fest, on Saturday September 24th from
12:00 to 2:30 PM, everyone is invited to join our Latvian cultural singing
and dancing event!

Singing will be lead by Juris Kēninš and Jāns Beloglāzovs,
and folk dances will be lead by Selga Apse.

Next year the Latvian Song and Dance festival in Riga will take
place, and soon after that in 2024 we will celebrate song and dance in
our festival in Toronto! Come and join us, so that our culture can grow
and flourish in Canada.

Thanks to the generous support of Daugavas Vanagi, we are running a special promo: registered
participants for the song & dance activities will have Saturday's admission fee covered.

Lunch and dinner are also available for purchase when you register online.
If you plan to stay overnight, tenting is free with price of admission,
otherwise there are a limited amount of dorm rooms still available! 

--- Register at the Rudens Svetki/ Fall Fest event link below ---