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Latvian Song and Dance Promo!!

During Saulaine’s Fall Fest, on Saturday September 24th from 12:00 to 2:30 PM,
everyone is invited to join our Latvian cultural singing and dancing event!

Singing will be lead by Juris Kēninš and Jāns Beloglāzovs,
and folk dances will be lead by Selga Apse.

Thanks to the generous support of Daugavas Vanagi, we are running a special promo:
Those who register to participate in Saturday afternoon's song & dance activities
will have the admission fee for that day (Saturday) covered.

↓  Registration is towards the bottom of this page  ↓

For each registrant 12 and older, please follow the following instructions:
**Persons under 12 are free of admission and need not register

1) Enter your name and contact information

2) Indicate whether you will be singing or dancing by checking the appropriate box
**If you are not singing or dancing, leave the box unchecked

3) S
elect the type of Pass you are registering for (e.g., Saturday Day Pass/ Weekend Pass)

4) Pre-order any Meals you would like during your stay.

5) Finally, if you are singing/dancing on Saturday, write “sing and dance” in the Notes section