Fence and Flowers at Saulaine

The Property

Saulaine is a wide, wandering property of fields, forest and clay cliffs nestled on the Nottawasaga River. There are flower meadow trails down to the river, and walking paths through the fern and cedar forests. A simple road leads down to the riverside camping area that is an restorative place to stay for couples, families and groups. You can also stay in our variety of cozy rooms across from the Sun Barn, swim in the river, host a late night campfire or celebrate a wedding.

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Saulaine Community


Our diverse, Latvian community, family and friends come together throughout the seasons in Saulaine's secluded and beautiful natural setting to celebrate life in its most simple form: latvian traditions, song and dance, campfires, weddings and reunions, special church services and retreats, art festivals as well as specialized workshops. Join us!

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Saulaine Barn


We offer cozy, rustic comfort for visitors throughout spring, summer and fall. There are places to stay for individuals, families and groups visiting or hosting an event. Consider booking your retreat, wedding, workshop or camp using our Saulaine Sun Barn, kitchen and accomodations.  For more information or to book a visit to view our facilities and experience the beautiful setting, call Robin Gibbons at 705-424-1118.

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Saulaine Summer Camp - Walking in the Woodsw

Childrens Camp

Camp Saulaine provides a caring environment for children and parents who are no longer fluent in Latvian but still share an interest in their root culture and heritage. Wednesday night candlelight services, held outdoors, are led by Pastor Grietins. We are reknowned for our arts programs, building one's own mini, floating boat out of found materials, making homemade bows and arrows for archery or fishing with self made hooks and rods.  Our camp offers a break from modern technology so that we connect with each other and the environment, away from the urban world.


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